We enable 
Allan Gray Fellows
Social Entrepreneurs
to build and scale high-impact organisations which will create jobs, attack poverty and contribute to transformation in South Africa.

Our Offering

We provide funding and support to value-aligned entrepreneurs that build and scale responsible businesses with a positive impact on our society.

Allan Gray Fellows

Support from ideation to scale-up and beyond

We support Allan Gray Fellows at different stages of their business cycle. This will include patient capital as well as post-investment assistance.

Social Entrepreneurs

Grants and support for selected public benefit organisations

We support social entrepreneurs and innovators with the vision and drive to attack poverty and establish an equitable society. We give them the funds and tools they need to achieve their goals.

Our Entrepreneurs


A rental platform that connects verified tenants and landlords

Cloud Atlas Investing

Pioneering a safe and easy way to invest in African companies


A social media alarm clock app providing a new wake-up experience

Akan Organics

The finest West African Shea Butter and Black Soap products

Why E Squared

E Squared is an impact partner with a difference. Our entrepreneur’s success means we can achieve our vision of a healthy and more equitable society.

Patient Capital

We use our own funds, so we can be patient with our investment and give our entrepreneurs the best chance to prosper.

Aligned Interests

Our vested interest in an entrepreneur’s business means we want it to succeed as much as they do.


E Squared is focused on building a long-term relationship with entrepreneurs, which also ensures a lasting social impact is created.

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Our Network

We collaborate with a network of organisations and individuals to best support our value-aligned entrepreneurs.

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