Dr. Allan Gray recognised his responsibility to society thirty years ago.

We are a reality of his vision.

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Dr. Allan Gray

The idea behind E Squared was originally conceived in the early 1980’s by Allan WB Gray, a South African businessman, investor and philanthropist. He is also the founder of Allan Gray Proprietary Limited and Orbis Investment Management Limited.

E Squared was formed in 2007 as part of Allan Gray Proprietary Limited’s (AGPL) empowerment initiative. E Squared acquired shares in AGPL, effectively a portion of the Gray family shares, with a loan from Standard Bank. The proceeds of this transaction were donated to the Allan Gray Orbis Africa Endowment. It was intended that E Squared will use the dividend flow from its shareholding in AGPL to fund its activities

More successful, responsible entrepreneurs offer opportunities for a more equal and growing society.

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E Squared empowers Responsible Entrepreneurs to build great businesses with the ultimate outcome of attacking poverty in South Africa.

The fundamental purpose driving E Squared (together with sister trusts, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and Allan Gray Orbis Africa Endowment), is to foster “entrepreneurship for the common good”, with a focus on the creation of employment opportunities.

We are part of Dr Gray’s vision to enable young South Africans with the necessary potential, regardless of their background and individual economic circumstances, to acquire an appropriate education, moral compass, mind-set and financial support to succeed as responsible entrepreneurs.

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Our Philosophy

Responsible entrepreneurs are the primary catalyst for the vitally important function of job creation in South Africa. If they are successful, they will become self-sustaining and their profits can finance further growth. They will create further employment opportunities and generate tax revenues to fund essential government initiatives. Successful responsible entrepreneurs, their employees, and directly the fiscus, are thus empowered to make possible the funding of civil society organisations and social entrepreneurs.


An economically inclusive South Africa with meaningful opportunity for everyone


To empower responsible entrepreneurs to become the catalysts for economic development, transformation and social upliftment in South Africa

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