Ambani showcases their amazing product and dedicated team at the Rand Show

Rita Baptista and Siphelele Ndlovu of the E Squared team ventured out to the 2022 Rand Show held 13-18 April at NASREC, a platform from which many SMMEs and Entrepreneurs either start or build their businesses from, to see E Squared Pathways business Ambani Africa. 

Ambani has developed a web gaming platform for schools and offers a free language app for nine local languages including iSiXhosa, iSiZulu, Sepedi, TshiVend, Tshitsonga, English, Setswana, Swahili and Shona and Afrikaans is set to to be offered next. They also present their offering in different formats; through information videos, songs, stories, games, and books.

The team at Ambani Africa uses games to facilitate learning and practice which has been widely celebrated and endorsed by various bodies including the TIA Swiss-SA Edition, the IDF’s ‘I’m IN accelerator’, M&Gs 200 Young South Africans, and the Goethe-Institut for their resilience. At the MTN App Awards they won no less than four awards for Best Educational App, Best South African Solution, Best Gaming App, and Best MTN App of the Year.

We join them in celebrating these milestones and the ones that play out behind the scenes that aren’t recognised by way of grants and awards, and we were very happy to see them exhibiting at the Rand Show showcasing their awesome product and awesome impact. The E Squared team is working with the Founders in this Pathways business towards greater commercialisation and investment-readiness and their goal is to ultimately internationalise the business. 

Ambani’s current plans include working with the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) to gamify their isiZulu course and they’ll be traveling; both to Ireland in June as part of the Irish Tech Challenge, and to Switzerland in September thanks to the support of TIA and the University of Basel, where they hope to make strategic partnerships towards their expansion. They’re also in advanced negotiations with a number of key partners and are capacitating their team to meet current and upcoming commitments.

We’re looking forward to the future journey with Ambani.