Brand South Africa named Q-HOP – Innovator of the Year 2022

Q-HOP – with accolades including taking the winner’s podium and being named Innovator of the Year 2022 following close on the heels of 2021, 2nd place at the prestigious Africa Cup Awards for its innovative solution – is the exciting young innovative company that provides an opportunity for retailers, analysts, and business technology enthusiasts that should be explored.

Q-HOP provides a world-class digital shopping experience in a physical store environment  

The Q-HOP solution is a contactless payment solution that features a mobile application that lets customers simply scan the barcode on the items they want to purchase and then validates all purchases using their IoT smart kiosk, thus reducing shrinkage risk as recently highlighted by the CEO of Walmart. It is hailed as an example of South Africa’s global competitiveness in the digital economy.

Q-HOP was developed during SA’s hard lockdown during the COVID pandemic and entirely virtually, plus proudly, using local technology. By bringing a digital customer experience into a physical retail environment, Q-HOP has been designed to keep up with the fast-moving global retail environment.

At the back end, the Q-HOP system collects and analyses customer data to enable real-time decision-making aimed at maximising profits through providing personalised real-time promotions and continuously improving the customer experience.

Q-HOP uses advanced proprietary artificial intelligence engines to provide unique insight into shopper behaviour. Watch this space to find out why Q-HOP, was selected for $500 000 investment as part of its Seed Round of funding from E Squared Investments.

Q-HOP wins Innovator of the Year by Brand South Africa
Congratulations to CIRT & Q-Hop co-founders – Sanjay Soni & Ajay Lalu! We are happy to be supporting you on your innovation journey.