Bulungula celebrates the most matric passes in their community ever

A shout out to Llewellyn Fredericks and the E Squared investment team who saw this need for learners and played a pivotal role in this outcome for the Bulungula community. Building this college has made the biggest impact in this community.

It’s inspiring to see our investments working towards tangible change and such a privilege to be able to do meaningful work.


Bulungu College matriculation results astound in 2021
E Squared’s journey with Bulungula

Investing in Sustainable Income Generation Opportunities

In 2020 E Squared invested in
the Bulungula Incubator (BI). By building an excellent relationship with traditional leadership and the community, BI works to sustainably end poverty. They work to enhance positive aspects of traditional rural life and mitigate problematic ones.

BI’s philosophy ensures economic inclusion for all, right down to South Africa’s poorest communities. Their Sustainable Livelihoods Programme assists community members to use their agricultural land to improve standards of living, increase food security, and create income-generating opportunities through entrepreneurship. 
Inspirational Farmer Graduation: Class of 2021 – Bulungula-Buhle Partnership
Seven farms have resulted from their Sustainable Livelihoods training which teaches farming and management skills. A new cohort started in mid-April. 

The three-month theoretical and practical vocational training teaches potential young farmers from the community and interested members of the 2021 Job Skills and Entrepreneurship Program (JSEP) to plant their gardens, harvest and sell their crops. 

Then, their Skills Centre Masilme Ngqo, procures quality appropriate agricultural inputs for the community. Vegetable seedlings from their local Seedling Project are produced and sold to community farmers at a minimal rate ensuring much greater food security and better profitability for the entrepreneurs.