Cape Town Hangout Dinner Roundup – March 2022

It’s a rare occasion when we can get so many E Squared people in one room. An event bringing many of us to Cape Town, gave our team an opportunity to share an evening with a few of the Cape Town Fellows we’ve been interacting with. And although intimate, it was packed with great insights and feedback. We really got to know some of the lovely people in our network and hear more about their personal entrepreneurship journeys! 

We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the journeys of Fellow entrepreneurs at different levels of engagement with E Squared. There was a great cross-section; one Fellow looking to reach the right entry point post-ideation; one recently having started in Pathways; one contemplating and ironing out the details for potential investment and another that has been on the Pathways journey for a while. Plus some that want to remain connected and inspired. There were questions around the right kind of support; funding (and the ideal amount) vs non-financial support; and the interrogation of ideas. There’s just no beating these in-person engagements and it’s wonderful to be back at the stage that we can mingle again.

We’re really grateful for those that were able to join and share their entrepreneurial journeys, insights and feedback with us!