E Squared is helping to make quality affordable healthcare possible but it has been hampered after recent unrest

IRF funding from E Squared has been used to pilot a digital healthcare platform that facilitates remote health screening, preventive healthcare, healthcare content and medical check-ups for low-income earners in Diepsloot. 

Quali Health Founder Dr Nthabiseng Legoete, founder of this low-cost health clinic set up in 2016 which employs 28 staff from the Alexander community, says their jobs and livelihoods are now uncertain following the recent unrest.

The clinic was actively assisting around 250 patients a day. An average workday Saturday ended with the practice being vandalised by an angry mob that had been looting at that shopping complex. The majority of Dr Legoete’s patients were COVID cases so she is concerned that a lot of them will not afford to seek medical care elsewhere, however Quali Health will use their platform to redirect some of their patients to nearby clinics and hospitals.

The upside has been that they are fully covered by insurance, and the claims process is underway but in light of recent events, they have needed to pivot to a ‘travelling nurse’ business model, with some of the clinic’s nursing staff now offering home-based care. The new model launched in July with a plan to attend to 20 patients a day and gradually increase capacity.

It’s a reminder that even in times of success, entrepreneurs always need to prepare to navigate unexpected events and adapt for business success in any circumstance. We watch with interest to see how Quali Health will jump and clear this hurdle.