E Squared Seminar 2022

FURTHER NOW: Build trust for collective long-term IMPACT

Here are some of the insights we gained from speakers and the dynamic discussions had at this year’s E Squared Seminar, our flagship Fellow event for the year.

1. Hear the feedback and make the necessary changes
2. Partner with people who care about your well-being as well as the business
3. Don’t ignore self-care – take lunch, go for a walk
4. Talk about what’s going wrong early – not when it’s too late
5. Quit your job to solve a problem and not to be your own boss
6. Constantly experiment and don’t get attached to an idea of what your business should look like
7. Have the humility to listen to what the data is telling you
8. Become intentional about self-driven growth support
9. Start the relationship before you need the money
10. Be a person of integrity
11. The business has to be more important than your ego
12. Practice conscious entrepreneurship

We love that our portfolio entrepreneurs turned up (on a Saturday no less!) to share their entrepreneurial highs and lows, to speak candidly about their journeys and to impart learnings to others. We too learned a lot, and opened ourselves up to hearing and making necessary adjustments to how we support our Allan Gray Fellow Founders for high-impact.

Let’s fo FURTHER NOW together and grow the responsible entrepreneurship movement.