E Squared Social Entrepreneurship COLAB

E Squared Social Entrepreneurship COLAB highlights

Our SE team hosted the annual E Squared Social Enterprise COLAB in September. in Johannesburg.

Picture a room filled with social entrepreneurs and innovators – hungry to learn, connect, collaborate, and co-create ideas that will amplify their impact – and solve our youth unemployment crisis in South Africa leaves with hope and excitement.

Convening a COLAB-rative space for Social Entrepreneurs is a highlight during the year for the team. It is also an honor to serve a community of social innovators who tackle some of the most challenging social issues we face in SA.

Head of SE, Cheryl Jacob says, “These social changemakers are the unsung heroes in our country – and I am beyond grateful that they trust myself and E Squared Investments to partner on their impact journeys.”

“These kinds of colabs are what’s needed. It really put things into perspective. Thank you” ~ Allan

“Absolutely inspiring two days! We all felt the positive and open hearted energy in the room. That was all thanks to you laying the foundation.” ~ Mark

“Just a brilliant few days. Thank you.” ~ Rowan

“Thank you so much for a very impactful coming together of minds. It was a great experience!” ~ Elmarie

“Thanks for creating such a special space. I was truly inspired and was able to connect with like-minded individuals I look forward to the next session.” ~ Seth