As an Allan Gray Fellow, you have access to the following events that E Squared hosts throughout the year.

Our Events

E Squared events are open to the Allan Gray Fellow community at no cost and targeted at Fellows at various stages of their lives.

Our programme of events offers a range of formats to suit Fellows in different locations, with varying schedules and at different stages of entrepreneurial engagement. Fellows can choose an appropriate event to remain in touch, informed and engage with E Squared and the broader Fellow community on topical issues relating to entrepreneurship, poverty alleviation, job creation and doing ethical business in South Africa and beyond.

Your participation as a Fellow will equip you with hands-on entrepreneurial know-how, business intelligence and a rich network for impact. You also have an opportunity share and develop standpoints on issues that affect us all and not to mention a fantastic forum for networking with outstanding and inspirational individuals! Click here to see our upcoming events.

E Squared Seminar

E Squared Seminar (ES)

The E Squared seminar affords all Allan Gray Fellows the opportunity to connect and contribute in the creation of innovative solutions for equitable prosperity in South Africa and the broader continent.

Trends, opportunities and thought leadership

Designed to inspire and expose Fellows to trends, opportunities and thought leadership in social and economic impact, early-stage and impact investing, youth development, innovation, the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) and other burning 21st century conversation points; the seminar is our flagship event drawing >100 Allan Gray Fellows from various walks of life to connect, contribute and co-create a better future for South Africa and beyond.

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E Squared Elevator

E Squared Elevator (EE)

An accelerator programme aimed at the development to investment readiness of Fellow-led and/or Social Impact businesses with realizable growth and investment potential. EE is targeted at Fellows with an operational business in which they are involved full-time and trying to scale.

Details of the programme

Working with founders through targeted individual and group interventions; this intensive, hands-on growth programme features bespoke individual curricula and structured seed funding, targeting a handful of critical areas contextual to each business and the individual entrepreneur.

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Business Opportunity Circle

Business Opportunity Circle (BOC)

BOC is an exciting programme for Fellows looking to transition from corporate to full-time entrepreneurship. Fellows are introduced to opportunities where they can join existing startups involved in high impact business, as investor-partners alongside E Squared.

E Squared collaborates with Fellows and other network partners to identify and profile a number of interesting, for-profit startups that have innovative approaches to addressing poverty, unemployment and equality. The most promising of these are catalogued and circulated within the Fellow community, culminating in events where interested Fellows have an opportunity to meet the founding team of those start-ups and ask questions to gain deeper understanding of the businesses, team and culture.

Matching Fellows with impactful start-ups

Where the business opportunity fits with a Fellow's passion, experience and ambition; an expression of interest (EOI) together with a business case for their intended role and input in scaling the business may be submitted.

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E Squared Partner Event

E Squared Partner Event (EPE)

E Squared has partnered with some of the most exciting and impactful entrepreneurial event platforms to expose Allan Gray Fellows to entrepreneurial thought and the general ecosystem of entrepreneurship players.

E Squared sponsors a limited number of tickets for Fellows to participate in Hangout Events and platforms taking place at various times and locations throughout the year. Fellows have the opportunity to attend these sought-after and often invitation only events through a gamified bidding process.

Who do we partner with?

Events and platforms include Startup Grind, Heavy Chef, Leaderex and Discovery Leadership Summit.

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E Squared Hangout Dinner

E Squared Hangout Dinner (EHD)

Intimate dinner sessions held bi-monthly to give Fellows with or without an interest in entrepreneurship, an opportunity to explore a particular topic relating to the social and economic prosperity of South Africa and the broader continent with E Squared staff and potentially, a relevant subject matter expert.

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EHD’s are a cool way for Fellows to share their views with their peers and the E Squared team. E Squared circulates video content and other material to the Fellow community, on topical issues affecting South Africa, Africa and/or our generation. Fellows that find resonance with the topic for discussion then have opportunity to motivate their attendance through a bidding process that will ultimately see 5-7 Fellows securing a spot at the table for a fully-paid dinner and an evening of rigorous conversation.

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These events are exclusively for the Allan Gray Fellow Community, and are not open to the general public.

Event Gallery

We collaborate with a network of organisations and individuals to best support responsible, high-impact entrepreneurship. Take a look at some of the images from our past events.

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