E Squared Pathways Testimonials

Read about the benefits of being a part of Pathways, E Squared’s business venture-building programme.

Pathways is E Squared’s business venture-building programme through which Allan Gray Fellows operating compelling early-stage ventures can receive direct funding as well as non-financial support to systematically build robust, investable businesses. (Concept validation, Commercialisation, and Traction).

Our dynamic onboarding of new applicants is ongoing. Should *Allan Gray Fellows be interested in applying to the Pathways programme, please apply here. Not sure if you’re ready and just want to chat? Then reach out and have a conversation.

Our Pathways programme is BESPOKE. What this means is that when you enter the programme, a plan will be made for tailored non-financial support; from the teaching of key business skills to mentorship and strategic business advisory. Each participant’s journey is completely unique. All business skill and support requirements are formulated in partnership with the founding team.

*This programme is open only to Allan Gray Fellows and not to the general public.

Read the testimonials of founders who are or have been in Pathways

Stan Shikwambana of Visionary Writings is in our Pathways Programme. This is what he has to say about the programme:

“E Squared Pathways has been nothing short of a blessing to Visionary Writings. Their capital support has helped us to greatly accelerate the development of our completely rebuilt app that will have the full functionality version of our subscription offering and have many more value-added features from audiobook versions to offline reading. We have been able to hire people with great skills and expand our development team, making it possible to achieve this all within the best timeframe. 

The subscription model will be our most sustainable revenue stream and aims to increase writers’ earnings tenfold their current earning potential, at a minimum. 

We are now able to turn our focus to the product and business; to refine and improve it without having so much anxiety related to capital requirements. This has helped us to take on a more patient approach, conduct our A/B testing and stress less.

Nic Latouf (E Squared Pathways Advisor/Co-Founder of Veldskoen) has been great to work with as we devise our branding and marketing strategy which is in great alignment with our objectives. We are also devising a great launch strategy for the new platform to have great hype around it with the subscription as our flagship revenue stream that should result in super-exponential growth. 

This has been the best experience to ever happen to us and the writers and readers as well,. There is a clear sign of improvement and anticipation of what we are about to launch.” 

Stan Shikwambana, Founder of Visionary Writings

Lungelo Gumede co-Founder of Excel@Uni, another of our ex-Pathways businesses that has now moved into our E Squared Ventures Programme and been commercially invested in, says this of the Pathways Programme:

“It is honestly a great model that provides a gently guided bridge towards IC [E Squared Investment Committee]. We thank you for giving us the opportunity.”