The Amazi-Zlto Colab

Young women (15-34 years) experience a higher unemployment rate of 57%, while that of young men is 49%. The cost involved in seeking a job alone is unaffordable, and many youths, especially young women, are at a great disadvantage to escape the poverty cycle.

As part of E Squared SE portfolio monitoring and evaluation processes the Social Entrepreneurship team, Cheryl Jacob, and Raees Hajat, undertook a site visit to Amazi’s Head offices in Rosebank. The site visit allowed the team to see the new offices as well as the theory and practical classrooms.

The social entrepreneurship team met a group of young women, who have recently joined the Amazi Academy to become qualified nail technicians. The room was not just filled with bright young women committed to learning a new skill, but filled with anticipation for what this new skill could potentially offer them.

One young women, in particular, shared that this opportunity would enable her to start her own small business, which will earn her enough income to take care of herself and her child, without having to depend on her family and feel like a burden to them. Her story is not hers alone but is reflective of the numerous young single mothers who are looking for an opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives.

Amazi is providing just that. At the Amazi Academy young women have to pass a rigorous recruitment process, which is set up to select the most committed and deserving young women who have an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to work in the beauty industry.

The Academy covers soft skills training which young women complete and upon completion of modules earn Zlto as well as a certificate of completion.

Pictured below is Ennie, who proudly showed us her Grooming certificate which she received from Amazi and Zlto upon the completion of her module. Zlto earned can be redeemed for much-needed and valued airtime and electricity vouchers.

The partnership between Amazi and Zlto is exemplary of the power of collaboration being fostered by the social entrepreneurship portfolio, to increase out social impact, and amplify the work of our social investees.

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