The Sum of Us Allan Gray Community Values Launch

E Squared Values Launch

The coming together of minds is widely known to be an enabler in creating greater social change. And so, we thrive by creating well-intentioned coalitions that are inclusive. This is the sum of us.

As a values-based organisation, we launched our Africa group values; intended to create shifts in mindsets and behaviours that positively impact a changing and growing society and to journey as a collective. As part of the broader Allan Gray Philanthropy ecosystem, we have created overarching values that we share with these other entities: Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy (Africa, East Africa & South Africa), Allan Gray Makers, 10KJ, Wavu Mbuzi, AGCLE, GSB Allan Gray centre, Jasiri, and Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

The Anchor to Our Values

Our values inform us through words and actions:

1. Long-term commitment 

We are committed to making a long-term, sustainable contribution to society.

We invest in innovative work that sometimes needs a long-term perspective. We approach each task with passion and zeal, knowing that the outcome may not be achieved immediately. We have a deep sense of urgency and stay the course, accepting that long-term goals have ebbs and flows. We make high-quality decisions based on metrics that give an early indication of long-term success. We strive to identify, create and nurture more profound and long-lasting relationships.

2. Spirit of Significance & Humility

We are ambitious for our work and yet personally humble – complimenting a spirit of significance with humility.

We constantly ask ourselves “are we reaching far or high enough?” and we work hard to overcome obstacles. In reaching high, we understand that our mission requires servant leadership, and we are motivated by our purpose rather than personal achievement or gain. We acknowledge our mistakes and limitations, and we seek out constructive feedback even if it is uncomfortable.

3. Excellence

We focus on the things that matter most and strive to do them exceptionally well.

We are uncompromising in our commitment to deliver to high standards. This means that we need to learn from others, from experimenting and from our successes and failures, be very focused on what drives optimal impact, and be honest with ourselves and data-driven in our decision-making.

4. Responsible Stewards

We are responsible stewards of our mission and of resources.

We spend thoughtfully to get good value and avoid waste, and we account for and govern the organisation’s resources carefully and sustainably.

We embrace our duty of care towards the communities we serve, the participants in our programmes, and each other. We are open, and transparent and speak up when something is wrong. We do what we say we will do, care about others, and tell the truth even if it’s hard.

5. Diversity and Inclusion

Our interactions are enhanced by empathy and mutual respect.

We acknowledge and celebrate the human diversity we represent, and the histories that have shaped us and actively maintain an inclusive culture.