What Makes E Squared Unique

E2 is an investor that seeks financial returns and social impact by investing in businesses created by Allan Gray Fellows and social enterprises in South Africa. We define social impact as job creation and poverty alleviation. We are the B-BBEE partner of Allan Gray (Pty) Ltd, and our investment focus is on businesses created by historically disadvantaged individuals and organisations that support historically disadvantaged communities in South Africa

Patient Capital

We use our own funds allowing us the ability to be patient with our investment and give our entrepreneurs the best chance to achieve their objectives.

It takes time to build a successful business

We invest patient capital. We understand a business can’t be built in a day and it takes time to achieve commercial viability in a scalable manner. So we give our entrepreneurs the time they need to focus on developing the business.

Aligned Interests

Our vested interest in an entrepreneur’s business means we want it to succeed as much as they do.

We are genuinely interested in the success of your business

E Squared shares the same interest as the entrepreneurs in which it invests. We both want the business to succeed. And, since successful businesses provide opportunities to create jobs and attack poverty in South Africa, it means our mission is realised too.

Committed to your business

E Squared is focused on building a long-term relationship with entrepreneurs, which is necessary for impact to be achieved.

We are in it for the long run

We are there for entrepreneurs through their ups and downs. We share in their difficulties – and in their success. And, since we understand the challenges of business, we take the long-term view in helping them grow.

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